Resident Care

Providing care is your life's work.

At Vi, we take that truth to heart. We believe that care should be about the caregiver as well as the person receiving it. There should be affirmation and a deepening of sense of purpose in serving the needs of another person. We believe our environment is so unique because it allows caregivers to really get to know the people they're caring for—amazing people who have lived fascinating lives. All in beautiful environments that feel like home.

Vi provides ready access to more than 500 free continuing education programs to help our nursing team members maintain their professional credentials. We support our clinical staff through formal recognition programs that reinforce the value we see in work well done. We offer a rich array of benefits that ensure their personal well-being and that of their loved ones. And we offer all of this in some of the nation's most gorgeous locales.

You'll be able to grow your skills and climb to new levels of excellence and responsibility within your field. Just like Karie has done. Karie began with Vi as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) and is now an Assistant Director of Nursing and graduate of Vi's Nurse Leadership Development Program. Our training and development program is unparalleled, has won many awards, and has generated national recognition because of stories just like Karie's.

We encourage you to explore our resident care opportunities and bring life to your career.