Meet Chef Jose (pictured above),who joined the American Culinary Federation, Inc. and received his C.E.C. (Certified Executive Chef Certification) through the ACF (American Culinary Federation). He is also a member the American Academy of Chefs.

Culinary/ Dining Services

At Vi, what comes out of our kitchens is truly inspired—which makes perfect sense since our culinary and dining services team members are pretty inspired themselves. From internationally renowned chefs to members of our dining staff, each and every member of our dining services teams goes that extra mile to ensure our residents are delivered more than outstanding fare—that they're provided memorable experiences. We believe there is no better place to learn and develop, to explore your passions, and to grow a richly rewarding career.

Join the Vi culinary and dining team and bring life to your career.
Learn about the amazing opportunities to grow and learn with Vi’s culinary teams from executive chef Joel. Chef Joel, a graduate of Vi’s Breakthrough Leadership Program, has taken advantage of the many opportunities to grow his culinary talent while cultivating the growth of his team members..